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Meet Our Team !


Noeen Malik, PhD

Founder, CEO & Director Finance

Dr Malik is a Nuclear Medicine Scientist, Business Strategist and Science Illustrator.

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Supreet Kaur, PhD

Director Strategic Policy

Supreet is a Life Sciences scientist, consultant and staunch supporter of women in STEM field. 

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Milena Londono, MSc

Community Outreach Coordinator

Milena is science enthusiast and passionate about building bridges between scientists and public.

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Priyal Shah, MSc

Community Outreach Coordinator

Being a scientist, Priyal is passionate to to improve the access to educational opportunities for young women in my communities. 

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Priyanka Jamadagni, PhDc

Director Programs 

Priyanka is a scientist (neuroscience), science communicator and social activist.

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Manoj Kumar, PhD

Director Public Relations

Manoj is highly qualified scientist with international professional background. 

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Cristina Artieda, Ing, BSc

Community Outreach Coordinator

As a woman in science, Cristina is interested in helping kids foster creativity as they grow and develop through research and innovation. 

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Mehvish Siddiqui, BDS, MSc

Community Outreach Coordinator

Mehwish, an in ternationally trained professional, envisages contributing to research in the Canadian health care system, 

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Khristine Cariño, DMD, PhD

Strategic Partnerships & Fundraising Consultant

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Dr Khristine Cariño is a dentist but wears many hats in professional sphere.

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