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Endorse Hope also Offers Skills Development Programs for STEAM & Community Partners.....


Need help to navigate your professional goals successfully? Endorse Hope uses an array of expertise to provide coaching services that will provide career development tool-kit to students seeking admission in medical schools, to early-career as well as mid-career phase professionals.


In 1:1 session with well-experienced and well-accomplished coaches, the clients will be able to unlock their potential for long term vision. Endorse Hope believes that key elements such as authenticity, differentiation, story telling, emotional intelligence, consistency and self-packaging are crucial for empowerment and bright exposure on digital footprints.


Consider Endorse Hope to start your proactive journey today. STEMeer Programs are: Workshops, Personal Branding, Get In Med, and Residency Match.

For STEMeer related questions, schedule a meeting here.


For upcoming workshops, click here.

Oure Past Workshops

Eventbrite-Size-Session-3 Scientudio (13.333 x 7.5 in) (2160 × 1080 px) (47).png
Eventbrite-Size-Session-3 Scientudio (13.333 x 7.5 in) (2160 × 1080 px) (48).png
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Community Partner in

STEAM Conference, Toronto, 2022 

Community Partner of Jean Augustine Foundation

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Charles Metzger

President of Metzger, Mabry & Associates, LLC

eSRS Conference, 2021

Dr. Antony Gee introduced me to Noeen. He thought (and I agreed) that she could help us develop a plan for gaining corporate partner participation in eSRS 2021—a virtual meeting hosted by the Society of Radio-pharmaceutical Sciences. With Noeen’s help, we queried multiple corporate partners, selected a platform that they valued, and created an attractive prospectus. Noeen’s dedication to this effort and her novel perspectives have proven to be very helpful for the organization. I wish her all the best for her future ventures, and I highly recommend her if you would like to collaborate with her to raise capital for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


William Remak, BPH, MS, MT, SGNA, AHCJ, EASL

Chairman, California Hepatitis C Task Force
Chair, Int. Association of Hepatitis Task Forces

Preceptor for Masters & Doctorate Public Health Internships for Universities, USA

Public Affairs Specialist, GIANT

Dr. Noeen Malik is highly praised for the splendid creativity involved with the branding of messaging for the worldwide public awareness campaign for the Global Immunization Action Network Team. Her coordinating of a superb team of talented communication and media specialists in design and marketing is inspiring to observe as she orchestrates infographics, animation so detailed that it enlightens and entertains while educating. She is a master at this trade to such a degree that it exceeds the imagination in a delightful way. Something to behold that is ahead of it's time.


Dr Khristine Cariño

STEM Advocate. Former President at SCWIST

National Symposium Organizer

The Science Symposium (National Competition across Canada) that noeen conceptualized and brought to reality with a very lean team and scarce resources, is the pinnacle of SCWIST events. She brought together everything; from starting with a small idea, to setting the project plan, systematically identifying and reaching out to universities and institutes, recruiting students for the competition, setting up an advisory group, inviting judges, coordinating the presentation sessions, and working relentlessly to bring in corporate sponsorships so the winners could have a decent amount of prize money and ensuring that the event additionally generates significant revenue for SCWIST..and more.

SCWIST has been truly fortunate to have you pass through its doors.



In Person Career Development Workshops Organizer

Grant Writing Workshop

Dr. Noeen Malik organized the "Secrets to Writing a Winning Grant" workshop in TRIUMF with the purpose of knowledge transfer from peers to graduate / post graduate students. 

She Leads Workshop

Dr. Noeen Malik organized the "She Leads" workshop, focussing on career development opportunities for women in STEM in British Columbia (> 80 attendees).


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