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Endorse Hope is NOT forgetting kids when it comes to science. Kids always have many questions and through this platform, kids can seek answers for FREE. 

FREE Services include:

  • Tutoring-consultation on topics related to biology, chemistry and general science (One hour)

  • Science-events consultation on topics related to general science and advanced (One hour)

  • Guidance how to do science-demos or create science-models for projects related to biology, chemistry, and general science (One hour)

  • Advanced research projects consultations related to medicine, specifically, nuclear medicine (45 min)

  • Guidance on topics related to create interactive Microsoft PowerPoint or doodle presentation (45 min)

  • Guidance how to use Microsoft Excel (basics and advanced) to create formulas, graphs and to perform various statistical tests for data analyses (45 min) 

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SciFi Kids - Where Kids are the Masters !!

Endorse Hope has launched a channel (global), especially for kids, where they will interview both the accomplished and young scientists. Kids can join our team as hosts for live stream interviews. Parents can submit the applications for their kids via contact form (NO APPLICATION FEE). Please mention clearly the science category in which your kid is interested. After the live stream, videos will be posted on webpage, youtube channel and facebook page.

  • Once application is received, the event details will be finalized within 10 business days according to the category of interest.

  • After application, the moderator will be in touch with the parents, kids and the guest. 

  • Kids, who will be hosting such events, can prepare their own questions and can submit to the moderator at least 5 business days before the event.  

  • Kids can also prepare slides or any interactive material such as small science models or pictures, related to the category of the event. 


To look for scheduled upcoming events, visit the Webinars page by clicking the Ice Cream:


Visit youtube channel by clicking the Envelope


Visit the Channel on website by clicking the Microphone:


Science Myths - Playing Deck

By Dr Nöen: Kids always like to inquire about different aspects of the universe: How & Why? Sometimes, the answer or logic we give satisfies them and sometimes not. What satisfies them, increases their curiosity more and they become more interested. I think this is where they start showing analytical thinking which is fundamental for science.  

But how to make things interesting for them? I guess this is the step where we need to involve fun like in games, in vibrant colors, in animated cartoons, in daily myths…………when we combine all these elements, the quest to seek answers becomes more interactive for them. And the concept behind this playing deck is solely based on this idea, with the aim to develop passion for science in children, especially, kids aged 5 -12. 

This idea came to my mind when I was organizing a science trivia event for children on Halloween in 2020. I realized that kids were incredibly attracted to the questions which were in the form of a story depicted on colorful cartoon slides. And that was the moment when I started working on this project. It is a solo project; I used my spare time, and I tried my best to answer as many myths as I could via colorful pictures. I also left a few cards for children to prepare their own questions and set their own rules as it can encourage them to seek the hidden and can ignite the creativity in them. 

(Copyright infringement:1000 $ per playing card)

Wanna Read More About Science Myths & Game Rules ?                           Click Me =>

Have Questions ? 

Please submit request by clicking the cell phone below. Also, please read the disclaimer policy (click the camera icon below)

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