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Phase I (SDG 3 & 6) - Clean Water (Kasese, Uganda)

Health & Hygiene

Clean Water in Kasese


June 2022


Kasese, Uganda

The rapid growth in population in Uganda has put a strain on available water and sanitation resources. Among a population of 45 million people, around 7 million lack access to clean water and around 28 million are deprived of adequate sanitation services. According to the UN sources, the poorest 20% are 14 times more likely to be deprived of sanitary facilities. The poverty rate in Uganda is 89% at $5.50 a day.
Though education and awareness are important aspects of our campaign to promote healthy hygiene habits, we also aim to empower communities to build their own resources for sustainability. For the prevention of contaminated drinking water, we provide household water-treatment capabilities, such as filters, solar disinfection, or flocculants, to ensure safe drinking water. Furthermore, we help to promote low-cost solutions that improve water quality, such as chlorine tablets or plastic bottles that can be exposed to sunlight. Health facilities and schools in our target area were recently provided with washing facilities through this project.

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